Upcoming Exhibits

mine neutralization vehicle, remotely operated vehicle, U.S. NavySearch, Spy, Rescue, Recover: Navy Vehicles Under the Sea

Opening September 14, 2018

Undersea vehicles are the Navy’s eyes, ears, and hands in the ocean. Throughout the world, Navy vehicles recover lost objects, spy for information, disarm undersea mines, rescue accident survivors, investigate the ocean, and more. Missions like these were once impossible, difficult, inefficient, or dangerous to do.

Undersea vehicles have given the Navy new and better ways to work underwater. Vehicles grant new capabilities, optimize and simplify missions, and remove or reduce risk to Sailors. The Navy accomplishes thousands of missions each year — many once out of reach — because of undersea vehicles.

This new exhibit, opening in September, explores the many ways that remotely operated vehicles, autonomous underwater vehicles, and submersibles expand the Navy’s abilities under the sea.