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If you’re interested in learning more about the Navy’s undersea operations, technology, combat, research, and salvage, you’ve come to the right place! Come for a visit or take a look around our website to see how exceptional people and cutting edge technology create an incredibly capable undersea force.



Search, Spy, Rescue, Recover: Navy Vehicles Under the Sea

Opening September 14

Once confined to science fiction, undersea vehicles now make thousands of dives for the Navy every year. Navy vehicles operate throughout the world recovering lost objects, spying for information, disarming undersea mines, and more. Learn how undersea vehicles grant new capabilities, optimize and simplify missions, and reduce risk to Sailors in this new exhibit opening September 14.


Family Learning Area

Opening September 14

Observe, Ask, Explore, Reflect, Try Again. These are skills that everyone has at their disposal to understand, discover, and create. By practicing these skills and through interactive challenges, learn how they can be used every day by beginners and experts in this new space opening September 14.